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IDK how easy it would be to show that the NICS system infringes on the right to get a gun. As I understand it, a denial from NICS does not bar you from buying a gun. It just bars the FFL from selling to you.

If NICS denies you, but you are not infact a prohibited person. Say they confused you with someone else. You could just go outside and buy a gun in a FTF sale. Totally legal. So a NICS denial doesn't automatically make you prohibited by accusing you of being a criminal.

It would simplify things quite a bit if we could keep dangerous criminals in prison until they are rehabilitated and have paid their debt to society.
And how do you suppose we know when they are truly rehabilitated? Read their minds?
The reason we have limits on prison sentences is so the warden can't just keep you there indefinitely because he doesn't like you.
You know what they say about letting 100 guilty men go free to avoid 1 innocent man being imprisoned.
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