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Why do you assume a plastic tip is responsible for accuracy? If it was, all target bullets would have them. As far as I know, none do.
While a plastic tip does indeed help initiate expansion (at least, so I have been told...) It ALSO helps with accuracy. Why dont all match bullets have them? Because a good consistent HP is actualy more accurate, but its cheaper and easier to stick a plastic tip on a bullet than give it a good consistent HP.... Otherwise, why do you imagine horady sticks them in their A-max bullets, which they specifically say NOT to use for hunting....

Basically, a plastic tip will be more accurate than a cheap hp bullet, but a HP match bullet will be more accurate, but also cost significantly more. The average poster here probably doesnt have the skill or equipment (or shoot at long enough range) to take advantage of the slightly better accuracy potential of premium hollow-points vs much less expensive plastic tips,
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