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A lower is a lower is a lower. As long as all the holes are correctly sized and in the right location everything else is brand loyalty. I don't own a rifle with a lower I paid more than $99 for except one that I got a laser engraving on. The upper is what will make your rifle perform or not. The three you mentioned will all be great rifles.

I have LOKI uppers on all my guns and they all perform very well. They are a lesser known smaller shop that puts out very high quality rifles. One of the best kept secrets in the AR market. Never any malfunctions since I built them over a year ago. One is probably nearing 800 rounds through it now. Shoot one competitively and used it for a carbine course once also. NOT A SINGLE MALFUNCTION(that wasn't purposely created a la training) Some of those rounds are steel cased soft point Wolf WPA too.
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