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Midway USA shipping price increase?

I decided to buy some 10mm ammunition today and went to Midway USA because I didn't want a lot and their shipping costs usually aren't too bad with small orders unlike most ammunition sites. I added my two boxes of ammo and went to the checkout and my shipping was almost $20. I removed one of the boxes to see a single box's shipping costs and it was just over $16 plus a $3 handling fee. I checked my receipts from my last two orders to make sure I hadn't paid this and didn't realize it before but no I had not. The shipping fee for my last two orders were $8 and $9 excluding the $3 handling fee. The $8 one was the same size and the $9 one was for three boxes. I assume this means that they have essentially doubled what they charge for shipping small orders of ammunition. Their ammunition prices are already higher than cheaper than dirt but until now the difference in shipping on small orders was enough to make up for it. It looks like they have made a greedy business decision that has lost them a customer.

Sorry I just felt like ranting about this. Are there any websites left that don't kill you with shipping on small orders? I can't find 10mm in my area and 357 Sig is rare so when I need either of them I am forced to shop online.
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