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BGutzman: That you may or may not approve of certain things, and think that you are holier and smarter than someone that uses MJ (80 years ago it probably would have been alcohol)...but what is it that makes you think you are so intelligent that you should have the right to say what another person should, or should not do, that does not directly effect you??? but causes untold problems to the country, and even other countries, in other ways???

The effect of the "War on Drugs" has been exactly the same as the effect the 18th amendment had on this country. A whole lot of 2 bit criminals have become very wealthy, gangs have good cashflow to support their activities, a lot of people have died, a lot of people have gone to jail...and for what good reason???

When you are old, if you have glaucoma, you may regret your attitude.

You can look your nose down on anyone you want, just don't try to force everyone to think the way you do.
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