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Sparks: Thanks for your input. I'm most used to guns with a safety, as what I have fired by far the most is my Ruger MK II (probably like 5000 rounds) my buddies Springfield mil-spec (bout 500-600 rounds.) It is second nature to me to flick the safety off as I daw from my holster. That said, I have probably put about 1000 through a DA/SA USP and a DA/SA Ruger P95 and a couple hundred rounds through a Glock 19. Out of the mix, I didn't find the DA/SA switch on the USP or the Ruger very disturbing. I would only carry this heavy gun on very rare occasions.

I would love to own a SIG someday, but

Zhillsauditor: I doubt a trigger job would be in my budget for the forseeable future, attaining the gun will be a bit of a stetch. I have considered getting the Omega though.

Radioflyer8: I agree, but as I understand it, the safety is only on the 75B if you want to carry "cocked and locked" like a 1911, making that first shot an SA shot anyway. But I take your point nonetheless. I guess what I like about this gun is that I could carry it in Condition 1 myself, but I could also keep it loaded, with the hammer down and safety off in the safe in case my wife ever needed to use it; that way she wouldn't have the extra step (which she would likely miss) of turning off the safety.

I really appreciate everyone's opinion! And you know, if anyone has a cool looking example of this fine series of handguns I would not be adverse to some pics...
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