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I used a Crossbreed Quick-tuck for a couple years; liked it a lot except that the single clip on it would occasionally come loose and I would draw the holster out with the gun. I expect the 2 clips on the Super-tuck would eliminate this problem.

I just received my new Raven I ordered 3 months ago. I haven't had a chance to wear it yet, but I did notice one significant difference versus the Crossbreed: the Raven does not use a leather back; it is kydex on both sides. It has a bit of a curve built in to conform to your body, but the kydex is quite hard and stiff and it will not mold to your body beyond the built in curve. I think it will work well OWB, but when using it inside there may be some wasted space.

Over-all, both holsters are very well made, made in America, with a lifetime guarantee. As with any holster or gun, it is a very personal choice. The best option is to get both and try them yourself, but I realize that's a fair chunk of change.

One other note; whenever wearing IWB, the gun will ride snugly against your side, and it can be difficult to get your thumb fully around the grip when drawing. If whichever manufacturer you choose offers an option to alleviate this problem, I would highly recommend that option. Case in point, Raven offers the "short body shield" option.
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