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... BCM 16" LW midlength upper with BCM M16 BCG, Gunfighter Mod 4 charging handle, MBUS Gen 2 rear sight and MOE handguards/pistol grip with IWC QD mount ---- 4lbs, 2.6oz

Valkyrie lower with DD LPK, BCM receiver extension kit, H buffer and CTR stock ---- 2lbs 3.7oz

4lbs, 2.6oz + 2lbs 3.7oz = 6lbs 6.3oz basic rifle ...

@ Quentin, thanks for the info and how much would it cost to build a BCM like that? I tried to pull up the pdf on their site but it's acting goofy. I really like the options with their products and from what I've heard their cs is great.
That rifle came in right at $1000. Shaving off the CTR and other Magpul stuff plus the Gunfighter charging handle would drop quite a bit off that price but they are great additions.

BCM is a great choice but unfortunately last time I checked they aren't taking orders for complete rifles or even lower receivers. They do have uppers in stock so you can build up your own lower yet still have BCM quality.
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