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TheKlawMan originally wrote:You continue to overlook the risks incumbent on the use of over penetrating slugs in a home defense environment.
A true statement to be considered for any ammo choice.

Since we are looking at 410 penetration vis a vis a 12 gauge, how about we look at the fact that the Federal LE127 00 ALSO penetrated ~20" as tested by Brassfetcher. This is one of the loads that so many on this forum are fond of. Federal Premium #1 buck ran from ~15-17.5" too. So for all those who would only look at the data point for the 410 ammo to discredit its use without looking at the data for the 12 gauge, you are doing yourself a disservice or engaging in cognitive dissonance.

Now as far as spread is 7 yards you need to have your muzzle on target; pointing in the general direction doesn't cut the mustard. That holds true for a 12 gauge, a 410 bore, and everything in between.

On a parting note, I have noticed the trend over the last decade to make the mighty 12 gauge perform more like the smaller bores in both payload and velocity. If the smaller bores are so inferior, why all the effort to emulate the smaller slower payloads?

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