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What bullet for my 223 for max accuracy?

Now before ya'll all tell me that it depends on the rifle, powder, etc., I know all that. But I'm a hunter and a picky shooter, but not a true target shooter, and therefore I have no match grade bullets (I used to, but threw them all out a few years ago). I'm going to run an accuracy test (which I'll tell ya'll about later) and I'm going to need a lot of bullets. My 223 likes several specific bullets, particularly the 65 gr Sierra GK, but I don't want to shoot up all of those. The bullet I want is the bullet that you learned folk would expect to shoot best in my 1 in 9 twist sporter weight barrel. Right now I'm leaning toward the 53 gr Sierra MK, but maybe I'd be better off going heavier. Maybe the 69 gr Sierra HPBT MK would be better in that twist. I have 'history' on that gun, knowing that it likes that 65 gr GK, but it also shoots the 40 Nosler BT very well, though maybe not as well as it does the 65 grainer. My point is that I have no history with this gun on 55 grain bullets or similar weights. Should I go with the 53 gr MK or the 69 gr MK? I want what you might think is the most likely to yield best accuracy.
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