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Laser Sights

The expert (LEO, Military) shooters here, and those able to spend alot of time and money training should take a step back for a moment and recall their early days with firearms.

There is a well-known physiological reaction that I expect will work against me in a real-world defensive situation, and this is the Body Alarm Response. Visual acuity issues and "target fixation" play a major role and we are wise to understand what is surely going to happen. I believe that (specifically) the Crimson Trace laser with automatic activation of the grip switch will be helpful for most of us at that time if it has been used as a training aid.

Realistically, range training helps us operate the weapon competently but does very little to prepare us for the "BAR". The ranges I go to won't even let you draw from a holster and fire. If you are willing and able to shoot in competition and train in an environment where a significant amount of stress can be introduced, then I think a laser aid could become less of a factor.

I have been shooting casually for many years - shot/bought my first handgun in 1975. I have not been hunting or anything since my Boy Scout days, so guns for me are strictly for defensive purposes. When I started thinking about concealed carry, the guy at my LGS convinced me to buy a Ruger LCR with the CT laser grip. At his direction, before even taking it to the range, I broke it in and practiced trigger control with it dry-firing while aiming at a light switch in the family room.

As a result, activating the laser is second nature for me and I shoot the LCR better (more accurately) than I do my SW 65 which I've owned for more than 30 years. Earlier this year I bought a Sig P290 with the Sig Laser and it's also useful - if I remember to reach out with my trigger finger or use my weak hand thumb to turn it on. Executiuon is everything. I doubt that it would be useful in a stressfull situation and am probably just going to take it off. The upside is the 290 carries more rounds and is much easier/faster to reload so I guess it boils down to shooting 5 accurate shots vs maybe 15 not so accurate.

I may step up my training by participating in IPDA in the near future. Not sure what else I can do in my area given my time and budget.

Thanks and the contributors to this forum have also been a great aid for me, and if I ever have to use a firearm to protect my or anyone elses' life my success will be largely due to the guidance received here.
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