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From an 11-Bravo in SEA 1968-1969. the best I heard was Lee Emery (GUNNY) on the old Mail Call program when he said "Your Country Called ... You Came." and then he threw a salute and said "Carry On."
I saw the wall at the Alamo where the names of the Defenders has one of my ancestors listed, several of the family fought in the War Between the States (on either side), two grandfathers fought in WW1, my dad fought in WW2 and Korea and mine in SEA. I guess some things are genetically implanted, and we don't ask why, we just do. So today for sure, and any day if you can, think about what has taken place to get us where we are.
And to all our present soldiers and all of our future soldiers, I offer the thought we were given on leaving Viet Nam when a Full Col. told us "In life I hope all of you become more than you are today...but from this day forth you will ALWAYS BE A VETERAN." That still makes me proud of all you guys.
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