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I have both the 75B with the manual safety, and a P-01 with the decocker. I like both of them a lot, but your preference will depend on which action you are most highly trained to use and what your intended purpose for the gun is.

The 75B is a great range gun. It's a bit too big for carry, at least as far as I'm concerned. So, it has become one of my favorite range guns, especially now that I have the .22 conversion kit for it. Having that first shot in SA makes for some really nice target shooting.

My P-01 is intended more as a carry gun if I'm out in the woods or if there is ever a societal breakdown (I have smaller 9mms for daily carry). Since most of my guns are DA/SA actions, it is the action that is burned into my instincts... I don't want to have to remember to flick off a safety in a crisis.

CZs are just amazing guns for the price. The triggers smooth out with use, and though they're no match for my Sigs in that regard, they make up for any shortcomings with their excellent ergonomics.
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