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I guess it kinda depends what you might be used to, or which you personally feel is safer. If you're like me, a 1911 and early CZ75 guy, you're not real big on decockers... in fact, you might even consider the 75B-SA, which is currently the only 75B I own.
I like the SA trigger quite a bit and don't have to deal with a DA trigger, or a "magazine brake". You can take the mag brake out of a B or a BD if you want, so that's not such a big deal.

Anyway, bla bla bla... try them both, or rather if possible, try them all and figure it out for yourself.

Solid advice. I don't think I would feel unsafe carrying "cocked and locked" at all.

The reasons I like this gun are:

1) SA "cocked and locked" ability

2) Hammer-fired

3) runs like a classic gun, but capable of DA/SA if I felt better about that for whatever reason or my wife had to use it in a self-defense scenario. In other words, I probably wouldn't leave it in the safe cocked and locked, but set up to fire as a DA/SA.

4) It's a good looking gun, but not a beauty pageant winner, it looks serious.

5) All STEEL

6) Value, from what I have read, you get the performance of an expensive 1911 or a SIG for 500-600 dollars? Sign me right on up!

7) Variants, as mentioned in an earlier post, I could get a very similar gun in compact (P-01) or polymer-framed (P-07) and have an option for every-day carry with the same weapon system.
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