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I had a decocker model for ten years. If i had to do it all over again, it would be a polished stainless with the safety. You can always decock the hammer to the half notch position by hand, no biggie.

That being said you may want to consider the updated version, the SP01. It has a few upgrades from the older 75 design. Or also have a close look at the P01 if you even think conceal carrying might happen in the future. It's still a fantastic range gun.

One more thing. Don't be discouraged by the hard DA pull. It's easily remedied by swapping out the hammer spring with a 15# from Wolff. Also a used CZ will be smoother than a new one so don't hesitate to find a preowned.
I'm thinking I might, someday (like after I finish my master's degree and no longer spend time on college campuses) consider everyday carry, and if I did, I would then almost certainly buy a P-01 or a P-07; but for now, I can't carry at work (45-50 hours of each week), I can't carry at school (12-15 hours of each week) and I have a 1 yea old who crawls all over me at home, so that's out for a couple years at least; so If I did carry, it would be probably limited to certain nights downtown and the couple times a year I have to visit Detroit, in which case it really wouldn't and doesn't bother me to dress appropriately (these times are in the winter usually) or to carry a heavy gun; i'm a weight-lifter with an excellent GALCO belt, I hardly even notice the weight of my Ruger MK II, and I've worn my buddies 1911 for 4+ hours at our local range and not been at all bothered.

So My point is just that that purchase would likely come later, but I appreciate the advice, as the sheer size of the pistol I want would make EDC uncomfortable.
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