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The M11 bit is mostly marketing, it's not that similar to the military P228/M11, but I think it's a wonderful gun for what it is. Basically a 229 updated with some nice features (night sights and most especially the SRT). If you don't want a rail, I think it's probably the ideal 228/229 pattern gun in current-production.

I'm a fan, despite the bit of Exeter Sig marketing dust sprinkled on it.
I think you hit the nail on the head. The M11 is basically a P228 while the M11-A1 is SIG marketing of a P229 variant done up to look like the M11.

The big reason the P229 was made because the P228 frames couldn't handle the high pressures of 357 SIG.
It was actually the sheet metal slides not being able to handle the 40 S&W cartridge.
Practical before tactical.
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