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I've seen at least my fair share of folks using hi-cap pistols fire faster than they could either properly index or align their pistols for accurate sighted fire.

That has everything to do with the training (or lack thereof) and absolutely nothing to do with whether the gun is a hi-cap pistol or a five-shot snub-nose.

As long as the people actually make the effort to get that training, and maintain it ... and don't rely on the greater abundance of ammunition to offset any lesser amount of skill, training & practice.

I also agree that any lack of longer range shooting for training/quals among the younger shooters using issued pistols is probably the result of a lack of training to make them develop their fundamental handgunning skills in this regard, and then making them practice and demonstrate such skills. I've seen it still taught in the firearm instructor classes, so it's not like we're not capable of continuing to produce instructors that possess the skills and are able to teach them, right?

All this said, the only point proposed is that if newer shooters, who have never been exposed to the revolver's 5 or 6 round ammunition limitation, acquire a type of over-reliance or over-confidence of having hi-cap ammunition capacities at their disposal ... perhaps a segment of them might feel the availability of the increased ammunition capacity would offset any lack of skills development on their part. Definitely a training issue.

Unfortunately, I've even seen it happen with a small number of instructors who transitioned from revolvers to semiautos many years ago.

Having listened to cops express their realization that they needed to take time to make aimed shots during shooting incidents, even using hi-cap service pistols, skills development and maintenance (and mindset) are still important issues for us to address.

Considering I retired out while using an issued 7+1 capacity compact .45 service pistol, and others were using the full-size 8+1 service pistol, I'd not feel under-equipped if I were to return to service and given a 6-shot revolver ... or even one of those lightweight alloy 8-shot .357 Magnum revolvers.

I spent many years of my career carrying either a hi-cap 9mm or .40 S&W issued pistol, too.

After a while, when you've learned how a significant number of LE shootings involve the firing of 1, 2, 5, 6 or even 8 shots ... and that high round count shootings are seemingly among the newsworthy minority of shootings, or the result of multiple officers firing at the same time ... the 6 round capacity of revolver may not be quite so obsolete as some folks might think.
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