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SEHunter, consider the following......

Bushing dies are easy to use. Before you get one, measure the neck diameter of some loaded rounds and find the average. If your case necks average .251", get a bushing that's .249" and that'll do for 97% of your ammo.

Also, get an RCBS Precision Mic to measure case headspace; the distance from the case head to the case shoulder's reference point. Then adjust your full length sizing die to set fired case shoulder back .002".

Chamber headspace is measured from the bolt face to the reference point in the chamber shoulder. For the .22-.250, it's typically between 1.575" and 1.585". Fired cases from your chamber will be 1 to 2 thousandths shorter in case headspace than what chamber headspace is. New cases have case headspace between 1.571" and 1.578".
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