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My opinion of boresighting tools is that they are worthless
They are not worthless. You do need to be aware of their limitations.

I use them and find it easy to take a scope from one rifle and use it on another with minimal effort.

I have ordered a base with integral rear sight and a red ot sight for a Buckmark. This gun belongs to a friend.

When that all gets here next Friday, it will be a piece of cake to remove the plastic sight base, install the new one and use the laser bore sighter to align the rear sight.

Then install the red dot sight and do the same thing for it.

Then it will be off to the range to tweak. . .and it won't take much to finish the job.

Some like them and some hate them. It depends on what you expect from them.

I would never just sight in with a boresighter but I am sure a fan of them.

I have Crimson Trace sights on three guns and the laser bore sighter is really easy to use to get the spot registered to the point for the range you want to use.

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