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any other pistols I should consider?
There are a ton of good guns out there in the $500 and under range right now.

Based on your criteria, I'm guessing you are looking for a gun that would be good both at the range and for CCW (you may be asking for a compact due to small hands, so I may be guessing wrong).

I do think the PX4 Compact is a good option here. From all accounts from those who own them, they are accurate and reliable. If it feels good in your hand, it is a good gun. Right now the price is right (look at Buds, $399 plus FFL fees), and there is a $50 rebate. They are big enough to be a decent range gun, and they are small enough to carry about 85-90% of the time.

You state you like the SIG 229. New SIGs can be found in the $800 range, not all models of the 229 are over $1K. Used, you should be able to find one right around your price range. I had a 229 in .40S&W and it was one of the best guns I've ever owned.

CZ is another maker that is incredible. Finding one with problems is rare (though it happens with all guns), so many people (me included) find the ergonomics to be perfect, and they are quite accurate for most shooters. My CZ 75 is one of my most accurate platforms for me (it is neck and neck between that and the 1911). I have well over 10K rounds through my CZ 75B (I stopped counting years ago) and could count the number of hiccups on one hand. The 75B is a full sized pistol, and these days finding one for $500 or less would be near impossible (though you might find one used). However, the polymer CZ P07 seems to have all the merits of the 75B (based on what I read online) and can easily be had for under $500.

I am also in the market right now for a .40 or 9mm in the $500 range (+/- a little) that is sized right for both CCW and the range and I am looking at:
-The CZ P07
-Going over the budget for a CZ P01 or PCR
-Going over budget, just a little, and getting the 33oz full sized CZ 75B (or another 75B in my case)
-Getting a used SIG P229 or P228.
-At the top of the budget, I really like the S&W M&P (yes, it is striker fired)
-SIG 250
Taurus PT809 or 809 Compact (I have had good luck with Taurus, and this is hammer fired)
-Taurus 24/7 (striker fired)
-Ruger P95. Yes it is a bit bigger, but it could be carried and it is priced quite reasonably.
-Ruger SRc or SR series (striker fired)
-Of course, the PX4 Compact. I really want the CZ or Taurus options right now, but that $50 rebate puts the Beretta $70-80 under the CZ P07 at Buds (and $210 under the P01) and that price difference makes it hard to resist.

For me though, I'd look for the "Constant Action" (I assume that means DAO) or decocker only versions. I'm not a fan of the Beretta safety/decocker (I'm a 1911 guy, I don't want a safety which works "backwards"- down should be fire, up should be safe IMO).

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