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Originally Posted by 45 Auto
Good luck with allowing your legislature to define "the lawful use of arms". Better hope that enough Diane Feinstein type Californians don't move there to take advantage of it.
Quoted for truth.

I was in a discussion with the rule-writing segment of my town's government a few weeks ago, over a municipal code provision that effectively bars mere possession of any loaded firearm on any municipal property. No definitions, so it has been argued that this applies even to public streets throughout the municipality. This is in a state that has a 2nd Amendment-like provision in the state constitution, and which issues concealed carry permits. And the municipality's attorney told the board that "state law does not allow firing a gun in self defense outside of the home."

When ordinary citizens (well, okay, extraordinary citizens) understand the laws better than the lawyers who are getting paid big bucks TO understand the laws ... it shows me that this country in in deep doo-doo.
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