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I have realized how much money i have saved over buying factory ammo for plinking and target shooting when I had to buy ammo for my carry handguns.

This is an older set of pics of my reloading area but i currently reload 37 or 38 calibers

i have increased my reloading efforts slowly from a small single stage press to multiple dillion progressives and a bullet casting station outside. I have tried many dies over the years and find that i am drawn towards the inexpensive lee stuff because it just works plain and simple. My total investment in my reloading equipment is some where near 5-6k over the course of 10 years but that has been recovered in the first 20,000 rounds i shot which is about 2-3 months of shooting for me and my friends. on average i shoot about 100k + rounds a year at a average cost of about 4000 bucks. Most people dont believe my shooting amount till you go to the range with me and i bring 14 handguns and 250 rounds of ammo for each. add a friend or two and 250 rounds is about 15-20 minutes of shooting. especially when shooting steel targets and auto resetting steel.

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