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I guess I'm waaaay at the other end of the spectrum. I just (as in last week) applied for my CPL after many years of dithering on it. I'm still adjusting the the idea of carrying at all, much less adopting a 24/7 lifestyle.

The biggest problem I face is practicality. I work in a "pistol-free zone" so right off the bat 60-70% of my waking hours must be gun-free. I infrequently go out and if I do, it is often to dinner or to a family member's house where a beer or two are typically involved - that knocks out another chunk or so my eligible carry time. Most of what's left is family time at home. I could carry there I guess, but I also have two young-uns who love to crawl all over daddy and rough-house. Guns are somewhat accessible at the house, but I have 2-3 points of interference due to the young kids (2 and 4).

I more-or-less got my CPL because I wanted the class and figured as long as I had the class, might as well apply for the license. There are also some convenience factors regarding transporting firearms and purchasing pistols. I suppose I'll toss in there I feel that I am helping contribute to gun rights by obtaining the pistol - I figure the more popular CPLs are the less likely the state is going to look at monkeying with them.

Break-ins are what concern me the most. I tend to keep things locked up (again, kids so there are always exceptions) and I am hoping that the noise and time required to break through the lock (even if it's seconds) will be sufficient for me to retrieve a firearm. I'm fortunate in that I'm a large guy in reasonably good shape so I am somewhat insulated by not appearing to be an "easy target" (although a crackhead I'm sure could express poor judgement) so I don't worry too much while out and about in public.

Hmm, that's getting rambley. I guess for me it boils down to this - some folks live a life-style where 24/7 carry is an option, but some don't. I think work and the addition of young children greatly compromises one's ability to carry (legally and/or practically). It's unique to an individual and how they want to adjust their lives around the possibility of nefarious people/animals and the responsibility of carrying a loaded firearm. I have friends who won't drive because they don't want to take the responsibility. I have other friends who won't drive at night or to certain parts of the city/state because they don't feel proficient. I guess I see CCWs in kind of the same light - you do what works for you.
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