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Quote. And that is not Belfast! Or Toronto. Or London. So people who live in those places can have opinions, but no practical experience what so ever!

Numerous individuals in (Belfast N Ireland )carry firearms for personal protection. And have a lot of practical experience in the pros and cons doing so.

Below the sort of threat that people here have to contend with. I Doubt he got a chance to use his firearm.

Black died at the scene from gunshot wounds after his black Audi car was raked with automatic fire at around 7.30am at the M12 turn-off of the M1. A blue Toyota Camry with a Dublin registration had driven up beside the victim's car while he was driving to work in Maghaberry top-security prison.

Even with the threat most prison officers chose not to carry a firearm and have the attitude and the courage not to let terrorists dictate to them how they are going to live their lives. Just the same as i will not let the very slim chance of someone braking into my house to do me harm will decide for me how i chose to lead my life. I would only carry a firearm because i felt needed to not because i could.
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