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How can I get primers for that price? Powder too?
i clean the shelf at cabelas of 1 pound cans of bullseye and unique. for some reason its priced at 14.99 on the shelf. but the 8 pound can works out to 17 a pound

if they are out i order from powdervalley they often have free hazmat on powder with x lb purchase and they will let you stack up to 20 lbs of primers into the order also.

another way to get cheap primers that works pretty good is to be a good customer at a lgs that doesnt deal in reloading and ask if you order can you get for wholesale plus 1 buck a box over cost and pay in cash. have been doing this all thru the primer shortage and never paid over 27 a box. alot of the $30+ boxes of primers is stores that knew people would pay it since they were "running out"

its like bread and water during a hurricane. stores charge what they can because people will buy it all creating a market driven shortage.
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