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I guess it all depends on your perspective. From my viewpoint I think police and firefighteres are held in HIGHER regard than the military. I am a retired Army office who served 24 years, still working in the health care industry. I find the most common reaction by people who find out that I served, and served for that long, is surprise, as in "I wonder why he stayed in the Army instead of finding a real job?". On the other hand, my youngest grown son was in law enforcement and when I told others about him there was universally positive comments made. Personally I respect and appreciate those who serve, both in the military and in civilian occupations where one willingly puts themself in harm's way to protect others. Thank you for your service in both realms. Don't be discouraged, there are many folks like me who are grateful to men like you who are holding the line against anarchy and barbarism every day.
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