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"Must be a Texas thing."

Yeah, We don't want any filthy smudged up empty casings rolling around in the pickup truck bed damaging our pretty paint jobs!
Must be, I have been doing it so long this way there just seems to be no reason to change now...

Pretty paint still got a pretty paint job? I take mine right from the dealer and drive it through the woods scratch it all up right from the get go. Then I ain't so upset when I come out of the store and find shopping carts piled into the side of it.

What ya need to do is throw a couple rolls of 4 point barbed wire, and a half dozen 6' t post in the back, and drive them around for a week or so on 610, then you won't be so worried about them cases....

I went out this morning and sized and loaded a hundred rounds for three different revolvers before 06:00. Then it decides to rain on my shooting day parade.
Mike / TX
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