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FWIW, the clearances are not just for easy action, etc, removal from the bedded stock - if the bedding is too tight there, and on the sides of the action, barrel/action vibration harmonics, and ergo accuracy, is usually negatively effected.
I disagree.

All my Model 70 Winnies and round, 4-lug Paramount receivers have been bedded in Devcon plastic steel with absolute minimum clearance. I put Simonize car wax on the receiver then rubbed it as thin as it could get for the release agent. My Winchester receivers had to be gently "rocked" back and forth to get them out as they were pretty darned tightly held. Accuracy with all of them has been as good as can be had for the life of several barrels.

I prefer zero play between the metal and bedding.


Here's a pix of David's machine rest his dad had built in the early 1960's. One of his T2000 rifles is clamped in it. Solid aluminum except for steel guide rods and V blocks in its 3-point support system. The sliding top cradle holding the rifle weighs about 40 pounds.

Winchester 70 based rifles bedded in wood stocks have been used in this same type of rest to shoot groups much smaller than the ones shown in the above article.

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