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The mecanics of carry

As I see it, you have to live in a place where you can carry a pistol 24/7.

And that is not Belfast! Or Toronto. Or London. So people who live in those places can have opinions, but no practical experience what so ever!

As to rolling around on the carpet, with a small child? Carrying a gun? Makes no sense to me. Sitting on a couch last night, in my Son's house, with my two year old Grand Daughter sat on my knee, getting sleepy, with a solidly holstered Glock 19 under my shirt, no problem. Yes, a round chambered, there is no other way to carry a Glock 19, or G17 or G26.

And this reference to Israeli carry? With Browning hi power pistols, complete with magazine disconnect, that they used to carry, they had no round chambered. Reason, ultra safety conscious, around citizens in foreign Country's, El Al and diplomatic posts, for instance.

But since they went to Glocks, round chambered, in pants holster, two spare magazines.

As this thread is all about your individual beliefs, you have to ask yourself, for those free Citizens, whose Governments trust to carry a concealed, loaded pistol
24/7, as mine does. You have to ask yourself, why do you carry?

Well the answer, again, to me, is so you can shoot any assailants who threaten you, or anyone in your care, with deadly force. And shoot them dead.

The analogy I have used for many years, reference CCW, you carry car insurance in case you need it, not so you can go out and have an accident, the same reason you carry a concealed gun.

And not to carry a round chambered? Is akin to driving a car with no brakes.
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