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I carry with an unloaded chamber....hammer down on it with five very stout .45 Colt PD rounds behind it. The pistol is loaded 24/7, when I'm home it goes in the locked drawer of our night stand next to a good flashlight. It is checked each time it's taken from the drawer to the holster and checked before it goes back. We sleep tight knowing there is a 110 pound German Rottweiler named Bo that sleeps on the couch who will give me time to (or remove the need to) get to it. To this day, even when its my mother he keeps himself someplace between them and our 5 year old. You can't even touch a window or door knob without him alerting us.

OP, thousands and thousands of Police officers carry a loaded Glock every day. My wife carries a G26, for years I carried a cocked and locked Kimber 1911 and never felt unsafe...Think about it like this, would you carry a flat spare tire on you car?

Ultimately its up to you like other have responded. But for me, I've taken hours upon hours of firearms training. Everything from private lessons with LEOs, including some that were ERT and SWAT also a few private CQB lessons and pointers from a couple of rangers and a retired Seal. I've also taken NRA classes and a two P/D group classes hosted by a senior NRA instructor friend of mine. I continue with my weekly routine with my specific carry pistol. I'm not going to trust having a few extra seconds to draw and rack a slide when my family's life could be on the line.
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