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Which optic, red dot or magnified? SGL-31 and WASR-10

I am in the process of "modernizing" (more optimizing) my two ak pattern rifles. I'm having difficulty deciding which one to leave as a "simple" rifle. The SGL is very high quality and it seems a shame to leave it as is. The WASR has a canted front sight and post '94 neuterings, most notably a lack of threading for muzzle device. It shoots POA/POI despite the sight, but I still want to correct it and maybe cut the barrel down and add a muzzle device. (I contemplated selling it but observing the paranoia post election availability of other AK platforms seems doubtful at best)

Plans are to have a LINCH charging system coupled with a MI Universal handguard on one rifle and utilizing the side mounted rail for a magnified optic on the other. I'm also open to the idea of having red dot optics on both, but if I press, say, the 5.45 into a varmint hunting role (which I might for giggles and kicks) it would be nice to have some sort of precision on at least one.

First question: Knowing the rifles and calibers, which would be recommended for a magnified optic?

Second question: Should I leave the WASR-10 as is or should I spend money to get the front sight corrected and a muzzle device attached?
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