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Things I would change.

I'd buy a used(bad experiences with Lyman's customer service lead me to buy only used Lyman products) Lyman 55 instead of my Uniflow and Hornady LNL.

I'd have bought my Lee Classic Turret press sooner. I used the old style one for twenty years before returning it to it's original owner.

I wouldn't have wasted money on RCBS or Hornady New Dimension dies. I personally don't care for either's design. I would buy Lee, Dillon, Redding, Forster, CH(including used rebranded ones), or old Pacific Durachrome/Bair dies instead. The RCBS Cowboy dies might be nice. I haven't tried them. If I do I might change my list.

I would have bought a Redding, Hornady, or Ohaus scale, with RCBS or Dillon written on it, instead of buying an Ohaus Lyman 500. Remember the bad experience with Lyman's customer service.

I wouldn't have wasted money on presses I hardly ever use. There's nothing wrong with my RCBS RS and Lee Classic Cast, I just don't use them enough to justify the cost. I do intend to swage with the classic Cast at some point, so it may pay for itself one day.

I would have bought several current manuals when I started rather than one. One is nice but the more reference material I have the better.

I would have found other handloaders to form a buying group or club so we could always order in bulk. Having someone to swap powder with is good too. Buying a pound and never using it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

I would have started casting sooner. I wouldn't buy the old style(they are supposed to be changing their design) two cavity Lee moulds. I would have bought the Lee six cavity, Ideal/Lyman(used), RCBS/Lachmiller, and SAECO production moulds. The custom mould makers seem to turn out quality moulds. I wouldn't hesitate to buy any of their products.

The only company with which I have had any negative experiences with is Lyman. RCBS, Dillon, Hornady, Lee, and MEC have all been great to deal with.

As far as the decapping pin goes, the lady at Lee has sent me several free ones. She said they have a lifetime warranty.

I saw several really good suggestions. Starting a log, buying case gauges, a chronograph and multipurpose powders are some of my favorites. A good caliper and micrometer is a must too.
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