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Go back and read what I have posted and I clearly acknowledged that there is a place for the .410. The problem is your claim that it was a great tool, when it isn't unless for reasons you are limited to one. If handling recoil is the problem, how does a gas operated 20 gauge semi stack up against a pump action .410 in the felt recoil department? Why would you think that a .410 would be more likely to hit a target than a 20 or a 12? As for the over penetration issue, I see you still won't confront it.

I am only on line this late becasue I had some thing a bit more important to do. The fact is that the .410 is generally a very poor choice for home defense.

If a young child, a woman, or an elderly person ever has to use a shotgun for Self Defense, I submit they are a lot better off with a 20 gauge auto loader than a pump .410. Now I have to get some sleep as I am taking my 5'3" daughter to the range to shoot my 12 gauge 870 (for which I have prepared some 7/8 ounce loads).
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