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Well, alot of the shooting magazines are saying that piston driven is the future.
That may be true, but many people - including myself - prefer a direct gas system for an AR platform.
I want to shoot 7.62x51. I think that is what the SCAR 17 shoots. I just want the fire power without the SCAR premium.
When you say you want to build your first AR, do you meant its going to be the first AR you own, or just the first AR you build yourself? If it's your first AR, I say go with 5.56; in my opinion, the main reason to go with 7.62 is if you want to hunt larger animals with it, and/or you're planning to shoot past 300 meters on a regular basis. At ranges less than 300 meters against two-legged and smaller four-legged animals I much prefer the 5.56.
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