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I have a M77 Mk. II that is super accurate with Winchester Super-X from the Big K.

I too like the classic looks and lines of the rifle. I got it used from th local pawn shop, passing up a new one with the now discontinued "boat oar stock".

Like my current rifle, but still long for a stainless one with the composite stock.

Great guns and a neat caliber to boot, bshefa.
I have a Mk II all-weather stainless (.300 Win Mag) that I just put a Boyds laminated stock on (laser checkered) and then had the Gander Mountain gunsmith pillar and glass bed it and free float the barrel. If I do my part it's almost a one hole group. And it was accurate right out of the box with the composite (paddle) stock. Almost as good of groups with any cheap factory ammo I fed it. I totally disagree Rugers are not accurate out of the box. I've never found a factory rifle that can shoot better groups. And SPEMack618, I sold that factory paddle stock for almost what the new stock cost.
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