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Happy 237th Birthday, Marines, and many more. Semper Fi, brothers.
And Happy Veterans Day to all who served, whatever type of service they
did for all of us.

I’m posting this here because at some point, you have found yourself behind a military issued weapon and there has to be a story that goes with it…
I trained in boot camp with the M-14 rifle, and imho, that is the finest infantry rifle ever devised, George Patton's opinion duly observed.

I was issued a Colt M16 A-1 rifle shortly after my first entry into RVN in January, 1969. Nice gun, I guess, but not really my style.

Shortly after the start of my second trip "down south", I swapped my M16 for an M79 grenade launcher. Nice weapon, and it came with a Colt 1911 A1 to boot. I liked that a lot better. I was a pretty good rifle shot, but with that M79, most of the time, "close" really was "good enough". It's just too bad there really is no good civilian application for that gun.

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