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"75% of gunfights take place at under 6.4m, with average range being 2.1m. Lighting is usually poor. Average time of duration is 2.8secs and average total number of rounds fired by both sides is 2.8."
That is the statement everybody knows to be true but it turns out it isn't. It was compiled from officer involved shootings where the officer survived, all other outcomes were excluded from the study.

I don't care because I don't want to be in a shooting. I was not trained for a 6' distant 3 shot scenario. My duty weapon was a 1911A1 Colt 45 ACP. and a M1 Garand or a BAR and much later a M16. As a civilian I carry revolvers, how come you may ask. I do not anticipate having to fight a squad of enemy combatants. A revolver can carry better defense bullets in larger calibers in a lighter package than a semi auto pistol. 15 rounds of 9MM or 6 rounds of .357 mag, 41 mag or 44 spcl. Make mine with a 4. Street use or in the woods.

Point is to stop the fight fast and I may be old fashioned but this large capacity vs 6 rounds debate borders on redundant. A 44 to the chest has to be more of a shock then a 9 going through and through even if it does expand. No magic bullet but bigger is still better from where I stand.

I highly recommend reading this PDF about bullets wounds and stops. I Know of no definitive study of pistols hooters vs revolver shooters and this article explains why the difference is mostly not relevant for our purposes. If you need the bad guy down in a hurry use slugs in a 12 gauge. The best shooter will be the most accurate no matter which gun he uses.

Sorry about the rambling but it's been a long day and I should have gone to bed a couple of hours ago.
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