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Must be catching.

A friend of mine called two nights ago and told me he missed the biggest buck he's ever seen in his life. AT THIRTEEN YARDS.
He's been hunting for forty+ years and has a basement full of mounts with ten or eleven veeery respectable bucks. I say this cause when this guy says this is the largest deer he's ever seen...this is a big buck.

He was hunting out a blind at the edge of an apple orchard. A small buck was eating apples and got very nervous looking back over his shoulder. All of a sudden this mammoth buck comes into view walking right up behind the small buck. Small buck leaves and the big boy takes over eating in his place.
Standing broadside, again at thirteen yds., my buddy pulls his compound bow back and when the bow cammed over, it hit the top of the blind. Deer looked straight at buddy. Buddy panick's and lets the arrow fly completely missing the deer. Deer runs about 50yds into the orchard then buddy watched him walk off into the sunset. He is sick to say the least.

I told him since the deer stopped running and started walking, keep on him as the buck wasn't that spooked.

It happens.
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