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Mall Ninja, good one A team. Personal attacks in the face of a discussion. Not a good sign. Here is my experience A team. And, by the way, you are free to come to Atlanta or Brazil to check it out on your own. I have been practicing for over 19 years. I have a fight school here in Atlanta, and in Brazil. My business partner and friend, who is also my BJJ teacher is a 5th Deg BJJ BB. We are partners with Mario Sperry in the SUL/Union, coaches to the Brazilian Top Team, validated by CBJJ. Do you even know what CBJJ is? Our team has not lost a Southern Brazilian championship in 11 years. Our fighters compete in NHB on a regular basis. Including the UFC. The othere focus of our business is on law enforcement. We teach to many departments throughout the country, including some federal. That does include firearms mind you. Now, if you are interested to come Atlanta, I will gladly give you my address and phone numbers.

Now, go and find articles written by Mario Sperry that talk about BJJ and self defense. You will see with your own eyes, that the advocation of getting your ass off the ground is paramount. Anyone with any common sense knows that if you are on the street, you do not want to be on the ground for a long period of time. you have to do what you can to either end the confrontation immediately or get up. You seem to think that BJJ people believe their style to the be all end all art. Well, those that are smart do not think that. Those that have practical application do not think that. BJJ is all about leverage. And leverage applies when you are standing up as well as being on the ground. There is MUCH that you can do on your feet while you are tied up with someone. Do you realize that the goal in BJJ, when you are on the ground is to obtain the mount, then pound the daylights out of the opponent? I doubt it from what you have said. We have a very different training progam. The people that I work with are not only interested in sport applications.

And as to multiple attackers, you mean to tell me that you actually believe that you can train to take out multiple attackers, who just may know how to fight? Or are just so overwhelmingly aggressive. Are you going with the flock to the slaughter? You are told that you can take out multiple attackers, so you believe it? Do you know the best way to handle multiple attackers? The answer to that is get out if you can. If you cannot, fight as hard as you can. if you have a firearm available, better be able to use it effectively. Your knowledge of BJJ is merely common. You do not know what is being taught. I doubt that you have been to a school that has such close ties to brazil. You can train for that scenario all you want, but training and real life are very different animals as I am sure that you know. It is good to train for it, but it is not practical to think that you can always make it happen.

As to you trying to accuse me of being a video fighter, again, another personal attack when none have been made on you. Do you have that little to offer to the discussion? All of the arts that I mentioned were created for the destruction of an opponent. Again, you are more than welcome to come to Atlanta to find out. I qualified for the U.S. stick fighting team that fought in the Filipines last summer. Full contact, no pads, save for glove and a glorified fencing helmet. BTW, there are those on this forum that know me, and can back up what I say. Ask Krept. I own few technique videos. Save for the ones that we got from the folks at . The videos that I do have, are of my fighters. Lots of them. Including Abu Dhabi. You ever had a fighter there? Hmm, didn't think so. As a matter of fact, I will be there again in a few weeks.

Again, my experience with the KM people is that they are all about selling their seminars. You failed to address any of my arguments, which are reasonable, and rational questions. All you have done is come after me personally.

Here is a quote from you, which is SO UNBELIEVABLY wrong: "Other than on videos such a creature does not exist." Again, come to my school in Atlanta, or Porto Allegre Brazil. There is most definately the sport aspect of these arts, and we do teach that. But Thai was created for war, in case you did not know that. Which apparently you did not. BTW, I don't do autographs. Don't need to. As to who I train with... I am getting my BJJ training from a man that has been doing it for 45 years, his name is Ricardo Murgel(he and his wife also happens to live with me). I am getting my training from Sperry. And guess what, from the Gracies in Brazil themselves. My thai from a 3 time lumpini champ. And I have been doing this a long time.

Your "years of competition and being paid to spar with professional fighters," is great. Me too dude. Ever rolled with Coleman, Randleman, Sperry, Mark Robinson, any of the Gracies? Hell, ever rolled with a bjj BB that also happens to be a pro thai fighter? I do on a regular basis. Ever fight the dog brothers? I have. Ever fought in NHB matchs? I have, and do still. I am not here for a penis measuring contest. Yet you come at me with nothing but personal attacks after I apparently question something that you enjoy. I did not attack you. I did not mean to offend you. I merely joined a discussion for the sake of discussion not to attack anyone personally. I did not. I questioned what I believed to be a esoteric marketing plan. I have seen no hard evidence of KM, here, proving itself either in this forum or in a fight.

Law Dog, I am merely joining the discussion bro. No one has to believe a word that I say. I don't care. All I expect is that people attack the arguments that I put forth, not me. If one attacks me personally, all that does is show that, that persona has nothing to offer to the conversation and that the arguments are weak.
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