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I think it's an over-used mythology that people armed with high-capacity weapons are predisposed to spray the landscape wantonly with lead.

It's just that I've listened to a fair number of cops who had expended anywhere from several rounds to a couple of mag loads, during a shooting, and relate how they'd realized at some point in their respective incidents they'd needed to start aiming and get accurate & effective hits if they were going to stop their attackers and survive.

As a firearms instructor who's worked primarily with LE, but also non-LE citizens at times, I've seen at least my fair share of folks using hi-cap pistols fire faster than they could either properly index or align their pistols for accurate sighted fire.

I'm not disparaging hi-cap pistols (or even pistols with 7-8 round mags ). I carried an issued hi-cap alloy wondernine back when "hi-cap" merely meant a magazine held more rounds than a Colt Model O pistol (and you could find both the Browning HP and S&W M59 in the hands of both cops and lawfully armed private citizens). Later on I carried an issued hi-cap .40 S&W for some years.

I do, however, miss the days when cops were taught to carefully aim their shots, using DA revolvers, and many were cognizant of having only 6 rounds at hand before reloading was necessary.

I just wish I saw more younger pistol shooters (before the days of service revolvers) making the effort to acquire the same solid handgun foundation skillset that I saw acquired by many revolvers shooters in years past. Nowadays you can ask some folks who have only shot hi-cap pistols to shoot for accuracy at 50 yards, and more often than not they look at you like you're asking the impossible, or speaking gibberish.
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