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SSA said: I do not quite understand the question.

Sighted in 1.5 moa above the crosshair, so 9.8 moa above the top of the post. So, at 100 yards, poi is 10.3" above the top of the post. You'd have to shoot it to verify.

Plug the numbers into a ballistics calculator and see where that puts you


That make the most sense. I didn't want to mention that this was with a muzzleloader - I was hoping to just ask a MOA question without getting my ass shot off.

I want to hit 1.5 MOA high at 100 yards to increase my effective range and minimize holdover. I agree if I aimed at the bullseye with the top edge of the post, I should hit 9.8 MOA high at 100 yards.

I've entered all of my data into a ballistics program and set it at 1 yard increments. With a 1.5 MOA high at 100 yards, the zero range is 127 yards. If I want to find out at what yardage the bullet hits the bullseye using the top edge of the post, do I just use 8.3 MOA on the chart or do I add or subtract 1.5 from 8.3? Thanks.
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