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Smitty, I am a lefty, and although I have no experience with the Cynergy's, I do shoot several different over and unders. What I do is I pick the gun up off the rack and shoulder it like I was going to shoot a bird. This gives me a quick answer as to how the gun fits. Most guns seem to be cast neutral to me. However you will come across many that aren't. When I find that gun that really fits me well, I can shoulder it fast with my eyes closed and when I open them the beads are right where they should be. This is why I can't have a dealer order a shotgun for me. Chances are it won't fit as well as sombody elses that I know. And they won't trade either. The place where my Son and I do a lot of trading sells a lot of Beretta's. I can't believe how different those guns feel to me. Some are flat out amazing (kill everything that flies), and others are like-are you kidding me. And they all come from the same factory. Brownings are closer to me but they may not feel that way to you. I hope your in a part of the country with a good gun shop with several guns to choose from.
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