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Good day at the range (mowed field)

Received an Uberti Stoeger .357 Cattleman 7.5 barrel that I bought from GB the other day.

The weather cooperated so off to the field

I took along a hundred factory loads from Georgia Arms. I think it is better to call these factory reloads.

Got a consistent 875 plus or minus 20 fps from these rounds. I think the ball was 125 grains. These bullets are available for 38 cents apiece at the gun show. This is just alittle more than empty brass and so I have taken to picking up a hundred rounds of either .357 or .45 LC at every show.

Pistol shoots real nice. It was advertised as new in box on Gunbroker.

But when I took it apart for cleaning I noticed a music wire spring for trigger and bolt.

I do not believe my other Uberti has a music wire spring. I wonder if Uberti revised their design between the manufacture of the two revolvers. (Would have to have been very recently.) Or possibly this pistol was worked over by the previous owner. The action is very smooth but trigger pull is a little stiff. I do not notice an stoning marks. So I am thinking the spring was installed at the factory.

It appeared unfired and the claim of "new in box" is very believable given the condition of the pistol.

Anyone know about Uberti springs?

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