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I shot it some more today, and I learned something. First, its excellent as far as feed and eject. It has fed and ejected every single round I have loaded into it. This has been CCI Stingers, Velocitors, Mini Mags, Blazer bulk, Remington Golden, Remington Yellow Jackets and Vipers. The total round count is now 620 and it has been perfect. I had some fail to fire problems, but a second strike would always fire the cartridge. I realized that I was the cause of the misfires. I was staging the trigger, trying to get the best accuracy out of this little pistol. I think staging it, causes the hammer to not get as much energy going, to fire the round. If I pulled the trigger briskly, I never had a misfire. The gun is Double Action Only, so there is no real way to extract Single Action accuracy from it, and it wasnt designed for this. Keeping this in mind, its a great little pistol. I am very pleased with its performance.
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