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Slamfire's comments on my post above his:
I love the subtle sarcasm in that statement. Maybe that is why there are so many internet claims of sub MOA rack Garands.
I laughed so darned hard I almost fell out of my chair reading that. Reminded me of what actually happened one afternoon at the outdoor test range in the gulley behind the USN Small Arms Match Conditioning Unit in the late 1960's. A USN rifle team member (who set the 1000-yard scope sight record at the Nationals in 1970 with the first 7mm Rem. Mag. used in competition) was handed a brand new 7.62 NATO match conditioned Garand that tested about 2 inches for the average of three 10-shot test groups at 300 yards as fired from the accuracy test cradle using a good lot of M118 ammo. The armourer who built it wanted to have its trigger checked out by a competant shooter. He laid down prone with a full clip and put all 8 of them inside 7/8 inch at 300 yards; about .280 MOA. Don McCoy, the guy who built the Garand (and later many more great Garands after he left the Unit) immediately exclaimed in so many words: "Oh great. We gotta burn that target and destroy all evidence such a group was ever shot else everyone will want a Garand that does that well!!!" The guy who shot that group commented that the trigger was just fine.
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