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I want to cry

So there I am fellas, 5 minutes of good shooting light left, the biggest 9 point I have ever seen in my life standing 35 yrds broadside in a soybean field. I draw my bow take careful aim and hit my release. No slap from the broadhead hitting ribs, no "deathkick" from the deer, He just takes off running. I slouch back into my stand not knowing what to think. About 10 mins later I climb down and go find my arrow. Not a spot of blood, not the slightest hair, I replay the shot in my head, clear shot, no wind, buck that was oblivious to my presence. It was a clean miss. I dont know what happened. I take a 30 yrd shot when I get home and dead on. I am at a loss for words fellas. Any of you ever found youselves in this posotion. Really hope I am not alone here.
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