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Many Browning models are cast neutral ...but some are not...especially if they are models that have "palm swells". Its almost something you'll have to go to a gunshop to see.

A gun like the Citori XS Skeet with the adj comb ....can be changed for cast.

The Cynergy models -with synthetic stocks ...with adj combs / do not adjust for cast - like the typical Browning wood stocked adj comb guns. I believe all of the wood stocked models of the Cynergy will adjust for cast.

Browning does make a few left handed models - where the lever operates from the left side / and so the palm swell, if that model has it, is on the left vs the right side....and if you look at some of the shogun magazines - like Shotgun Sports - you'll see a number of his advertisers in there that will probably have left handed models for sale. I believe the online Browning catalog has a few left handed models in it - like the 625 series / but I'm not a leftie, so I don't focus on whats in their inventory right now for lefties.

But check the Browning master catalog - you'll find it in most good gunshops that handle a lot of Browning shotguns..or their online catalog.

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