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Les Baer, BCM, or Colt AR-15?

I'm currently looking to purchase another AR-15 and I'm having trouble making a choice on which one. I would primarily use this as a varmint hunting weapon. I have narrowed it down to Les Baer, BCM, or Colt. I have a Colt match target h-bar right now and I really enjoy shooting it but it's a bit heavy for all the walking I do when calling coyotes, etc. (24" barrel about 14lbs unloaded) I'm not sure what the BCM's cost, but I've priced the Les Baer's and I like the Colt MT6400R which seems to be their version of the Baer monolithic. I like all 3, but was wanting to get some feedback and opinions. Feel free to make any suggestions. Thanks.
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