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The King of my P38s


You are too kind. Thank you. I never had my book collection complimented before! Its come a long way though. I just ordered the Krieghoff parabellum book and a 1911 guide. You can never have enough knowledge.

I agree, it is about time someone posted a broomhandle, thx for that. I don't have one of those, and I also lack a PPK. Someday...

Also, scoro, that 22 conversion kit is neat. I never had one of those. They seem to be pretty scarce.

UPDATE - I finally got a P38 I've day-dreamed about getting for a while now. Its the best P38 I've ever owned actually. I wanted to share it with you all.

About 2 weeks at a local gunshow a guy walked past me with either a P38 hardshell holster or a luger holster, and either way, I'm interested! I stop him and talk to him, and he tells me he has a AC41 P38 rig for sale. "AC" was the code for Walther during WWII and "41" is the year 1941. The Germans used to make codes so that the Allies could not find out which factory made which weapons. The holster looked good as did the gun. He wanted more money than I had in my pocket, but the gun was really nice. Then he dropped the bomb on me "it has 2 matching magazines". So I looked the gun over, and it checked out. The frame bothered me some with the plum color it has, but I read that sometimes different nickel concentrations in the steel can cause this. Certainly the gun was never reblued. The mags are marked across the toe, with 2 E/359 marks on each spine. I realized the gun was likely completely right, E/359 on nearly all parts, not dipped, no import mark or X mark, etc. I then had to ask him to hold it, so I could leave the show to go to my bank, and then return back. He kept it for me as promised. I think I reeled in a good one here.

Finding any of these WWII guns with 2 serial numbered mags is a rare find, esp army guns. Police guns more often have 2 matching mags IMO based on the nature of their duties vs army. A rule of thumb with these guns and 2 matching mags doubles the value of the gun, on average.

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