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Someone told me,() that if they are in the wall, you can cut a small access panel and cover it with cardboard. When they return, you can use those Speer plastic practice bullets with a grain or so of Bullseye to make short work of them right through the cardboard. Then all you have to do is remove the cardboard, snag the dead rat, and fix the wall. I haven't tried it myself but it sounds like it would really work well......

You already have somewhat of an access hole cut, just looks like it needs the cardboard cover over it to make it work. Just sayin....

I know they get up in our attic quite a bit. It is easy to hear them as they hop across the ceiling rafters. On more than one occasion I have used 22 rat shot from my Rem 22 pump to make short work of them as well. They think that they are safe sitting up over against the eve, but once the flashlight hits them in the face, it's all over but the pick up.

They used to be a real issue on a couple of my deer feeders as well. I have on more than a couple occasions, spread one out across the woods, using my 25-06 from out around 200yds. With a 100gr Ballistic Tip leaving at 3350fps, graphic isn't even close to what it does to them. The crows and ants eat well though.

I also had a Horned Owl fly within three feet of me one morning, and snatch one off a tree in front of me that was barking up a storm once he figured out I wasn't supposed to be there. To be honest the whole episode both scared, and amazed the nevermind out of me. I never even heard the owl as he went by, just this huge thing came from the other side of the tree I was sitting against, snagged the squirrel and everything got quiet. He landed on another tree around 30yards or so out in front of me and sat there making short work of it, looking over his shoulder at me every once in a while like he was saying, "you will never even know it's coming so don't mess with me"....Totally awesome experience.
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